She was born in Budapest in 1971 and has been exhibiting for 16 years now. She has gained her knowledge through several individual studies. Her career was built up consciously. Her teacher, Ms. Ibolya Halasy, an artist as well, then later Ms. Erzsébet Ék art teacher followed her development with great attention. Her works have been exhibited for the last 16 years and there are three exhibitions organized each year. She creates her paintings with lots of work, instinctively creating her feelings, emotions in hands with reality. The figural symbolic paintings cover a consciously formed theme; explosive colours are whirling and show a pure principle of form. Her art is based on colours, but her curved lines and delirious mixture of colours cannot be compared but to her. With a vision of new dimensions she is trying to hold a technique of painting that can be a worthy successor of sur-naturalism. She has her own basic works; her person is mystic and her soul is rich. Her thought-provoking abstract works broadcast good energy relieving the harmful ones. All of her pictures reflect to important elements of her personality: the acceptance of life, joy, wilfulness. She is a talented autonomous artist.

(Dr.Losonci Miklós)